Monday, July 06, 2009

Pink Suitcase Chronicles #19: The Whole KITT 'n Caboodle!

We have just returned from a lovely 4th of July weekend at our cabin in the North Woods and this time, along with our kids, the Grandkitty Oliver joined us!!
He kept us all quite entertained with his antics. He "sat" on the couch with John.
He "guarded" the door for us. We weren't fooled...we knew he wanted O-U-T!
He kept us entertained with his climbing up the ladder to the loft. And even more amusing was his descent: LOOK OUT BELOW!!

He had his times of resting as well. Right next to his little fox friend.

Probably the most "help" from Oliver came to me as the others were out and about and I was working on the Rehearsal Dinner invitations.

Now that was help! Ah, life with a cat...

Look for more 4th of July weekend fun to come as this PSC is to be continued.


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What fun that he could join you on your trip!