Monday, August 03, 2009

Camping/Campers (P*S*C* #20)

When we were the young Nelson family, we certainly saw the United States! In 1959, my parents purchased a little yellow and white Shasta trailer, and our family of six squeezed into it and took off to see the sights!
Though money was tight, camping in this little camper allowed us to go to many National Parks and landmarks around the country. Here my sister and I stand with Dad in Mesa Verde.
And here Mom stands with us as we are surrounded by mountains in the Grand Canyon.

Though the trailer was quite short in length, it was long on cool stuff inside...the "couch" in the back pulled out to be a bed for Mom and Dad, and above it poles, canvas and wall cups revealed a sling bed in which the smaller family members headed to the Land of Nod. In front, the dining table folded down and the seating benches pulled out for the bigger siblings to head off to sleep.

A chunk of ice needed to go inside the miniscule refrigerator to keep the milk cold. The water needed to be pumped into the sink. Dishes were plastic and would sometimes propel out of the cupboards as we traveled. As I recall, a propane tank fed the lights inside. Certainly no potty or shower here. But, hey - this was assuredly not roughing it like one would do if camping with a tent! We considered ourselves livin' the cushy life!

Flash forward to this past week when Wes' sister and her family joined us up north with their RV. What a rig!

This home on wheels has it all: a master bedroom in the back, a bathroom, a shower, a freezer above the refrigerator, two separate sleeping areas in the front, TV, microwave...and more! Just being back in their place to visit brought back so many happy memories! But, I do admit that due to these past memories, I still like to go to nice hotels when we travel. Camping? Been there. Done that. And Pink feels the same way, I'm sure.

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