Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Wheeeeee! (P*S*C* #20)

After complaining for years about the noise and obnoxiousness of our cabin neighbors going back and forth on the lake with their loud jetskis, we finally had to chance to make some loud water noises ourselves! Our brother-in-law loves big boy toys (the same one who showed up with the deluxe RV), and the latest was a wave runner. Oh, how I wanted to get out on it and feel the wind whip the hair around my face and scream at the top of my lungs. Mission accomplished! (The canoe ride was nice, too, but not as cool to scream there.)


simplicity said...

I love these pictures. You two are SO adventurous!
By the way I miss you! We are due an email or something soon! I know you're busy with being the mother of the groom and all but soon!

oatley said...

well look at you you blonde bomb shell. looks like a ton of fun!

ps - thinking of you this weekend. can't wait to see pictures.

Linnea said...

Sometimes it's fun to be the loud, obnoxious ones! T & I love it when family members bring their toys to the lake!