Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Take Comfort Where You Can Get It!!

There are certain flower girls that just charm you to bits - you know? They look like little fairies with their silver slippers, sun-kissed blond hair with little curls, and gossamer dresses of white with sparkles. A wreath of rosebuds perches on the little head as if a magical bouquet of flowers had been placed there by the fairy queen herself. We had one such little one at John and Kari's wedding and her name is Laena. Cousin to John with eighteen years between them. And, yes, she picked out her dress and shoes herself!

Laena is the one I have written about in past posts who literally loved the quilt I made her to threads. She even named the little red and yellow quilt "Red-dy." Last summer the quilt looked like this:

Last November, like this (above)

But, Laena is a creative thinker --- she knew the overall shorts from the matching teddy bear would work well to act as a comforter when the quilt gave up. Guess what showed up at the wedding with her? Yep. The bear shorts. She's still being comforted. Thanks, Kate for forwarding this picture to me - truly priceless!

I love this little fairy girl!

Coming: equal time for the ring bearer!


Timi + Andrew said...

So adorable!

The Lindahl News said...

Will could be in a wedding party as someone's cousin, too! You just never know...