Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pink Suitcase Chronicles #20: The Circle of Life Continues

(See the sign in the background? Pay particular notice to it! We don't know Kala, but it will soon be a part of this continuing story!)
A memorial service for an aunt, a birthday party for 6 young nieces and nephews and a 59th anniversary celebration for Wes' folks all took place within 36 hours on this latest pink suitcase getaway! Whew...what a whirlwind!

First the birthday party. Have you ever noticed that kids like it best when you tell them to make a goofy pose instead of the usual "Say Cheese" request? And isn't it funny that these kids are Anne and John's cousins ranging in age from 5 to 11. (We're finally convincing them that A and J are NOT their aunt and uncle.) I love you, kiddos!

Next the memorial service for an Aunt who left an imprint on all. The six younger ones saw pictures of their family never seen before with commentary from Uncle was pretty powerful to witness the connections being made between the past and the present as well as seeing the pictures of their Grandfather as a young, handsome sibling to the remembered Aunt.

Lastly, the family celebrated the long union of parents/grandparents, Elder and Muriel. Yep! It was a surprise pool/pizza party! The younger ones in swimsuits made the gathering an especially wet one. Pizza from Riverside Pizzeria was enjoyed and devoured by all.

Let's face it...eating three types of cake, church potluck fare and fresh raspberries within a 36 hour time span undoubtedly celebrates so many aspects in life, doesn't it?

More to come in this in an RV and a spin on a wave runner and paddling a canoe to be included.


Jed and Anne said...

It is for sure a whirlwind time that you had, but it looks like fun times were had. Fun to see pictures of your time!

The Lindahl News said...

You were missed, Anne and Jed! But the family sure liked seeing the latest pictures of you....