Thursday, December 10, 2009

He's No Angel, But...

Presently, we have an added house guest...his name is Oliver. Our Grandkitty.
He tries to sleep on your face when you are really really tired. He takes ornaments off the tree and leaves them on the living room floor...with a tiny trail of silver glitter on the way. He is quick as lightening as he escapes out of the front door and into the neighbor's bushes near by. He jumps up on the tables - a big no-no in this house. He sneaks his face into your water glass hoping for a little drink. He plops on top of the clean laundry pile - just as you are folding it. The list goes on.
We love him none-the-less! He entertains us with his antics. He is the family clown. He showers us with love when we least expect it. He indulges me in my love of dressing him up. The latest "costume" is the one pictured above and I think it captures his essence after all. He's a dear.
Do you like to dress up your pets, too?


Anne said...

Of course I love to dress up my pets! I remember many fond moments of dressing up our Marshie and laughing in hysterics as we reveled in her cute-ness. Oh, Oliver, we've got to love him!

The Lindahl News said...

Anne, I think my all-time favorite Marshie outfit was the Genie Girl. This angel costume might be my favorite Oliver's worn...close second is the fur hoodie!