Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet "Rusty" (Pink Suitcase Chronicles #23)

Well, it has finally happened after a year and a half of going solo...Pink is in love! Who is the lucky four-wheeled, sleek-handled colorful fella? Why it is Mr. Rusty, or "Rusty" to those of you followers of this blog. Pink and Rusty met on December 21, 2009 as he was introduced to Wes as an early Christmas present thanks to Anne and Jed.
Pink and Rusty immediately took to each other and packed up right away to go on their first road trip together...chaperoned, of course. The destination: Michigan. The Lindahl family was getting together with parents/grandparents, siblings, nieces/nephews and cousins galore at the beautiful home of Renee and Jeff.
Seeing as there were 23 in this house party, Pink, Rusty and our family of six lodged elsewhere. (Kind of reminds one of the Nativity Story where there was no room in the inn, and the Holy Family ended up in the stable.) But, we were all very comfortable in our lodging and a simple breakfast was part of the package deal.
Please visit again to find out more about the trip. There's a visit to the Henry Ford Museum, some holiday merriment and a baby shower Lindahl Style. Meanwhile, there's a courtship going on around here - and it's a courtship where "excess baggage" is more than welcomed!!


Anne said...

Clever, but very cheesy to have a name for Dad's new suitcase. You should've put the near kidnapping of Rusty by bandit Jed....

The Lindahl News said...

Anne, you think this is cheesy? You gave him the colorful suitcase in the first place was just like asking for him to be named!!!

As for Jed and the near-kidnapping that wasn't very nice, was it?