Sunday, December 20, 2009

Save Those Christmas Cards!

Ever since we got married and started getting Christmas cards, I have been saving them up. That's a LOT of Christmas cards! So, this year I decided it was time to recycle as many as possible and "Go Green" for the decor in our city condo by using these cards as ornaments, garland, stars and swags.
Number One: The Ornaments
For this project I used a 1 1/2 inch scalloped edge circle punch and punched out 8 circles. Sometimes I used one Christmas card for all 8 pieces. Sometimes I mixed and matched card designs and colors. An equilateral triangle was scored inside each circle and then folded outwards. Four circles are glued together to make the top "band" of the ornament, then four more are attached to make the lower band. Top and bottom bands are glued together. A wire about seven inches long is threaded through the middle of the ornament. At the bottom, a bead is poked through the wire, then the wire is curled to secure the bead in place. The top part of the ornament has a bead threaded through the wire as well as small seed beads, then an ornament hook is formed from the remaining wire.

Number Two: The Garland

Two circle punches are needed for this project - one about an inch in diameter and the other about an inch and a half. This is easy! Just punch a big circle and then a smaller circle inside of that. The centers will become the alternating circle on the garland as shown. You will need little jewelry rings to attach the circles together.

Number Three: The Stars
I looked online for this pattern and I enjoyed making these in the large size to hang from the window tops and as the treetop star. I reduced the size via computer and tucked these smaller stars between the tree branches. For every star, you will need 10 cone-shaped pieces as shown below. Five for the front and five for the back. Fold as directed and glue the front to the will get a raised dimensional look when front and back are glued!
For a little extra sparkle, I added a rhinestone sticker dot to the center of the star.

Number Four: The Word Swags

These are the fun ones! Just think of a festive word such as J-O-Y, R-E-J-O-I-C-E, N-O-E-L and use cards to make them for a swag on a fireplace mantel, over a mirror or in a window. Letter stickers form the words. Punch holes in the top of the cards and thread ribbon through the holes. Hang!

This one is "Rejoice"...sorry it is a bit difficult to see.

Here is the word "Noel." Each letter is on a card that is about 4 inches in diameter. Vintage sheet music has been photocopied and is in the background of the letter.

So, save those cards! I'm guessing my decorating the City Nest used up around 100 cards. Now what to do with those coming in this year...hmm. I still have lots left from previous years. Being a saver has its challenges.


Timi + Andrew said...

Beautiful decorating from wonderful and festive material :)

simplicity said...

These are so neat. We save our Christmas cards too. I especially love looking through the picture cards each year and re-reading the notes/letters sent. I love all these crafts. I think I would need an in-person tutorial to do them...maybe that will work out sometime! Hope all is well on your end Deb, have a very merry Christmas with family. Just think next year you'll have a mobile baby joining in all the fun!