Monday, June 21, 2010

Hats Off (and On) to the Bride-to-Be

Katie A. is to be married soon, and as her *FGM it was my honor to throw her a bridal shower with a Tea Party theme. You know...the kind where the ladies wear the fancy hats, eat finger sandwiches, and participate in a vintage bridal wear fashion show? (See, family, it did pay off to shop at St. Vinny's thrift store and buy all those silly hats and clothes for the past 20 years or so --- you thought I was kidding when I said I'd use the "goods" again!) The guests were mainly under the age of 25, so they were game to wear the hats and strut the outfits. Diann, my ever wonderful sis, wore a hat as she was busy in the kitchen restocking the food tiers, washing dishes and mingling with the guests. Here is Katie, the radiant Bride-to-Be. The straw hat with peach flowers coordinated perfectly with her outfit.
These four girls have grown up with the bride: Elsa, Beth, Kari and Anne. Don't they look adorable in their hats as well?
Marti, the MOB (Mother of the Bride) was splendidly adorned with a brown pillbox hat with fur flowers. The MOG (Mother of the Groom) Beth was striking in her black and white brimmed hat with the groovy flowers. You can see the MOG hat atop the lampshade. Our City Nest bedroom served as Millinery Central.
Previous to the shower, eight bridal outfits (some for the MOB, MOG, bridesmaids, atendees and of course, the bride) were prepared. Each outfit had a coordinating bouquet, bought on the cheap from Le Dollar Tree.
The bride's dress was strapless with layers of pouff and fluff ala 50s style.
The models really worked their struts and fashions on our City Nest runway.
Following the fashion show: gift opening time.
Though the guests could have abandoned their tea party hats, they chose not to. I loved seeing everyone having a good time. I so enjoyed seeing Katie surrounded by friends who love her and celebrating her happiness with HAT-itude!
All the Best to you, K and P ---- You truly are "Suited to a "T!"
*Fairy God Mother


Timi + Andrew said...

Seems like lots of fun! I just took my mom for High tea at the Brown Palace the day before Cecilia was born. That was her first experience like this and she loved it!

The Lindahl News said...

Timi, I'm glad your Mom could enjoy her High Tea experience. And, it must've moved YOU right along on your birthing of Cecelia as you delivered her the day afterwards!

The Lindahl News said...

Oops, correct that to Cecilia!

soniap said...

Deb, you really know how to throw a party. Hats off to you!!