Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shopping for Ellie (P*S*C* #25)

Surprisingly, there was not much shopping done on our recent trip to China. Sure, we bought some things for our kids and friends - but not much time was spent in the pursuit of retail goods.
We had heard about a shopping area by the White Swan Hotel and The Victoria Hotel
because of our friends Mary and Chip who had been in this vicinity during their adoption process. (Chinese baby adoptions all must go through the city of Guangzhou.)
Our wonderful student guides, Jack and Susan, escorted us to Shamion Island in Guangzhou for a morning of fun! We did some sight-seeing, a lot of walking, then we capped it off with a little shopping. They wanted to borrow my camera to take pictures of themselves and these are but a couple of the best shots - I love them!
The store catered to outfits for children as well as items related to China --- tea sets, jewelry, silks, scarves, and even the hat with the black braid going down the back. My thoughts were that this may have been a bit non PC, but Susan and Jack loved these hats!
Our salesgirl saw me looking at little Mandarin dresses, and asked all about the baby who would wear the dress. She suggested a pink dress to suit Ellie's complexion, and when I found this one with dragonflies printed on it, a sale was made.
Mary and Chip also recommended we buy "squeaky" shoes for Ellie. The toddlers in China really do wear these and the heels have a squeaker inside so every step is a cute little noise --- maybe cuter for the grandparents than the
parents possibly?
I also selected a two piece printed dress for Ellie to wear when she is older. The skirt has several layers of fabric with tulle netting. If she is a "Princess" type she will adore this dress; if she is a "Rough and Tumble" type she will abhor it. Back home, Anne and Ellie came for a visit. The items were presented to Miss E and a modeling "shoot" followed soon after.
The dress fit Ellie perfectly --- but not for long, I'm afraid. She is nearing her 5 month mark. I'm thinking I should make a doll to wear this dress for her later on. What do you think?


Melissa said...

That final picture just inspired squeals and giggles all around our office. What a BEAUTIFUL little dress for such a beautiful little girl...she takes after her grandma! ;)

Linnea said...


Timi + Andrew said...

Now that must be the cutest `thing` I have ever seen!!!!!!!! Just adorable!

simplicity said...

That last picture of Ellie, so precious! Love the dress and the shoes!

Anne said...

I am so glad that you did the perusing that you did - those things for Ellie are adorable! She LOVES them!

Kate said...

i could just gush about how adorable Ellie looks in that dress! the shop lady did a great job in suggesting bright pink : )

She really does look ssooooooooooo cute!!!