Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pretty Pagodas (P*S*C* #25)

There's just something so peaceful and pretty about a pagoda. I found myself drawn to finding them as we were out and about in China. Come on along and I'll show you my favorites! The one shown first was on the island of Lamma, just a 25 minute ferry ride away from Hong Kong.
This white pagoda was also on that island at its summit. It just beckoned me to come and rest from our hot, sticky hike.
Certainly the most dramatic of the pagodas was this one spotted from atop the Sky Terrace overlooking the city of Hong Kong. Can't you just imagine it as a meeting place in romantic (Chinese) comedy? Sort of like the Empire State Building in the movie Sleepless in Seattle.
Gotta love a neon pagoda! This was atop the boat we cruised in along the Pearl River in Guangzhou.
Here is a pagoda that was on a vase in our hotel lobby. The vase was about 8 feet tall. And, yes, I did bring along my Blanket Statement book to work on projects while Wes was teaching his classes.
This pagoda was on Baiyun Mountain. We hiked there with our student guide, Jack.
Every day we passed this campus pagoda as it is right smack dab in the middle of the university grounds. Students were always gathering inside, so I tried not to get too close.
Somehow, a pagoda just seems to fit right in to Chinese landscapes.
I think it would be a bit odd to find them here in our neighborhoods. Picture them in your neighborhood...would one fit in?
Perhaps pagodas were my daily visual to soak it all in, store it up in my brain, and remember when we returned to our daily life that there a whole different world out there. I like that.


Timi + Andrew said...

Beautiful! Cannot wait to see more pics, Deb!
Thanks for commenting on our blog :)

oatley said...

I must say, I've never given pagodas much thought ... at least not until now. I like your prompts, they cause me to pay attention to the smaller things in life.

Linnea said...

LOVE the pics-and the analogy to the mental pagoda escape!

Spirit Bear said...

The first photo is my favorite of your trip. It has all the beauty and timeless serenity I associate with ancient China. I feel peaceful just looking at it. We have gazebos, but do the pagodas have spiritual significance? It was so much fun following this trip!