Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank You, Color Kittens! And Golden Books.

Is there a book from your childhood that triggers memories of the child you were waaay back when? A book that you read and reread, a book where the illustrations spoke to your very soul?
I had such an experience this week when I went with my friend, Marti, to a special exhibit at the Lake County Discovery Museum for the viewing of original artwork from Golden Books. Seeing the Color Kittens in action - and in the original artwork - made me realize those kittens had a lot to do with my pursuit of drawing, painting and loving colors! These two kittens always mixed colors together in their adventures, and I do remember thinking it was magic that yellow +blue = green or red+blue = purple.
It was also a thrill to see the artwork of Eloise Wilkin, Garth Williams, Mary Blair, Martin Provenson, Gustaf Tenggren and many others whose artwork you would recognize.
I simply adored this book called I Can Fly.
And the wonderful "vintage-ness" of this busy street scene brought back simpler times of transportation modes.
Stroll down Memory Lane with the display of Golden Books at the exhibit. You might be surprised with how many you remember from your past. Consider visiting these 60 original pieces soon, though. The exhibit closes on August 22, 2010.


The Lindahl News said...

Thank you Katie, Carol and (even) Wes for commenting on FB!

Anne said...

That looks like such a fun exhibit - Ellie will love going to those kinds of things with you when she's older.

The Lindahl News said...

Anne, I can't wait until we can bring Ellie to places like won't be long now!