Friday, September 10, 2010

Busy Book for a Busy Girl (Copycat Challenge #29)

When I saw the adorable needle case in the book Blanket Statement by Vicki Haninger, I wasn't quite sure how to tweak it to meet the challenge of creating her project with my twist on it. Then, when I was reading a pop-up type of book to Ellie recently, I noticed just how busy she was with grasping dimensional parts and had my own "light bulb" moment (better than the "senior moment" I might add) and thought of creating an interactive book for her out of the green woolly blanket. Because the needle case on page 10 had a house, I thought I would create items that belong in a house, such as a bed, a chair, etc. I made up the designs. Oh, and I also enlarged the pattern of the house.
***Please note: I know this little book should be used with supervision as it has buttons, beads and other swallowable items. ***
Regular felt was used in addition to the green blanket. The pink background page has an operable door on the wardrobe closet...inside is a cat. Lift up the lampshade on the lamp to find a dimensional smiling light bulb. The hands on the clock really move. The mirror on the chest of drawers reveals a smiling picture of Ellie on her seven month milestone.
Two bubbles in the tub are attached to ribbons and can be pulled out. Under the bed is a hiding alligator.
The book closes with two ribbons for Ellie to play with as well.
Yesterday was the day for Ellie to get her hands on the book. She seemed to love it! Our busy girl was having so much fun with it that Wes took a little video of our "reading"
together. Sigh.


Katie DuClos said...

GAAH!!!! This is so wonderful! Even better than you described it this morning. What a fun gift that I'll bet she keeps for her children (and how cool to have her pic in there). You are a GENIUS!

Timi + Andrew said...

Deb! I think this is the most creative project you did so far! You could sell it, it is wonderful!

The Lindahl News said...
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The Lindahl News said...

Ahh, thanks, Katie and're so nice!

Anne said...

Ellie LOVES her book - I can attest to this. We have continued to read it at home, and she goes gaga for all of the activities on each page. Thanks, Gram, Nana, Marmy, Yaya...whoever you will be!