Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Preview (Pink Suitcase Chronicles #30)

FYI - it is peak color time in the North Woods of Michigan! Pink happily perched on the old carriage on the cabin grounds this past weekend. Although there has been heavy rain here lately, we were able to enjoy our last two days once it dried out a bit. Some color spectrum, huh? This picture was taken as we did the final stretch around the lake ---yes, we made it all the six miles around again this year! Thank you, feet.
On Saturday we woke up to this dreamy view of the lake.
Sunday already? Time flew by too quickly and we packed up, closed up for another year. Halfway home, we made it to the pumpkin farm.
And treated ourselves to a DQ pumpkin pie Blizzard. You really must try one, too.
Fall isn't so bad now, is it?


Anne said...

No, fall isn't so bad...I was feeling like I could really appreciate fall when I wasn't sweating like crazy in my classroom anymore! I LOVE That picture that you took of the lake with fog and everything - awesome!

The Lindahl News said...

Anne, we remember last fall when you, Jed and Baby Bassett came with us...and now we know the joy of having Ellie in our lives!

Next fall, maybe you'll join us once again?

London Diamonds said...

very informative !nice done!

Sonia said...

Deb, your pictures are beautiful. I can just smell the cool, crisp air. Ahh, fall!