Saturday, September 18, 2010

Speaking of Wedding (Dresses)

This past week Marti and I had a BIG city adventure going to the ultimate in thrift stores: The Brown Elephant. We went to the one in Lakeview (there are two others in Chicagoland; Andersonville and Oak Park).
This place has it all for all kinds of people.
But what really got me was the wedding dress rack tucked away in the "higher end" section. There were vintage wedding dresses in really good condition at prices well under $100.00. Yes, I know I am not ever going to be a young bride again nor are my daughter or daughter-in-law, but I had to look them over carefully! Memories of decades past, you know?
This one had pearls top to bottom. It was lovely and had classic lines to it. Something that hip Mary Tyler Moore might have chosen when she was back living in Minnesota - if she decided she wanted to get married, that is.
Don't you just love that vertical bow on the vintage 50s dress? This was my favorite dress so far for a peanut of a girl with a 20 inch waist. Maybe Audrey Hepburn?
An 80s dress here for sure - you know when the decade fashions meant more is more? I think Julia Roberts could have worn this in the movie with the Mystic Pizza restaurant.
Then there was this dress from the 70s. How do I know its time period? Because it was during the Laura Ashley times when high necks, empire waists and long, puffed sleeves were the choice for modest brides such as myself and Marti...we both were wedded in dresses like these...and Marti even had daisies on hers!
Even though these dresses will probably last a long time on these racks, it was a delight to discover them. As was this perfect vintage hat discovered in a hatbox nearby. I LOVED THIS HAT!! Wouldn't it be perfect for the three weddings we are planning on attending in the month of October? Sadly, I left it behind, just don't see many hats worn to weddings these days - at least in our "circle" of attendees. Would you wear it if you were me?

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