Sunday, September 19, 2010

Speaking of Dresses (Baptism)

What a special day we have had today as we watched Ellie's baptism take place.
In preparation, Anne and I went fabric shopping a few weeks ago. She selected the simple pattern (McCalls 6015) and we hunted the aisles for the perfect white fabric. Finally, we found the soft cotton with pin tucks and appliqued lace. I practiced the "fit" on a green dress first for Ellie (she wore it to the "after" party.
During the baptism service, Ellie looked out at the congregation and showed them her cheerful nature and her latest tricks of waving, clapping, tongue rolling, jabbering and such...she's really engaging these days and it is a joy to watch all of the connections she is making.
Before returning Ellie to her parents, the minister walked her up and down the aisle.
Indeed, we all know how blessed we are to have this child of God in our lives.

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