Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mr. H.G.L.

Even when he was a newborn, we knew there was something quite unique about our son, John! He had quite a happy disposition. He was loud. He was an early talker. He was impish. He was curious (I nick-named him Curious George during those toddler/preschool years.) He loved being around people, nature and animals. Once he entered his formal education, he embraced learning new things and enjoyed his status as class clown. As time went by, he discovered he enjoyed being musical in the band. He loved working on projects around the house with his Dad, building a shed and a deck together. John and I shared a passion for thrift-shopping, and still do. Now, he still has many of those characteristics. He's a hoot to be around, and his most recent family nick-name is our H.G.L. guy. (H = happy, G = go, L = lucky) We are so glad he was born into our family twenty two years ago today!
Happy birthday, John! It's been such a delightful 22 years with you! Welcome home from your month-long European trek. Once again, your adventurous spirit comes shining through as you kept your cool even after having cell phone, wallet, credit cards and license stolen. You're unstoppable!!!


Timi + Andrew said...


cellothug said...

I second that, happy bday, cuz!

The Lindahl News said...

Yay! We get to see him this morning for breakfast after his long time away! Do you think he'll look a year older?

simplicity said...

Happy Happy Birthday John!

Can you believe your baby is 22?!?!