Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Pink Suitcase Chronicles #2

This time I and my suitcase joined Wes
overnight in Delavan, Wisconsin as he was participating in a work-related retreat where spouses were also invited...lucky me! Having heard of this well-known resort for golfing, boating, swimming, as well as winter sporting, I was anxious to check it out.
Ah, the life of lodge dwelling! You bring the woods into the dwelling. Pine cones on towel racks and light fixtures. Canoe paddles as the base of a lamp. Felled trees as bedposts. Moose outlines on ceiling fans. Huge rock fireplaces. Nothing prissy or fussy...plaids and earth colors abound. Back to nature!
The view of the outdoor pool (below) and the indoor pool (left). We enjoyed our time there doing laps in warmer water than our hometown fitness center pool...this certainly felt less like exercising! A view of the lodge for dining with the retreat atendees. The food - I had a champagne-sauced chicken dish with penne pasta and creme brulee - was oh-so-delicious. By the time I arrived at the lodge, the rain had passed. Wes had a break from his retreat and we walked around the resort grounds. You could tell that this part of Wisconsin had been hit hard from the weekend storms. The sun was also trying to shine and we were grateful for that!
Don't you just want to be there? In a cozy, cute room with a view of a lake - sitting out on the balcony with comfy rocking chairs? The second day started out sunny and warmer. I think even my pink suitcase was smiling. Even less than a day there and I/we returned home so much more relaxed than before departure. Sigh.
What a change from the pink suitcase outing #1 in NYC...I think I very much love this traveling thing we have goin' on!


Kerry said...

hey! When do you and patricia work next? Has book club started? We must catch up! Looks like you are having a good time!

The Lindahl News said...

Kerry, Tuesday nights ROCK with these two old gals as usual!

Please come visit...we are thinking about you and want to know what your life is like these days!

simplicity said...

I love all the pictures Deb! Looks like you had a wonderful break away from the busy day to day hustle.

cellothug said...

Love that suitcase! Sounds very relaxing....wait til I find somewhere to upload pics, I had the PINKEST room last night!

Cherith said...

I'm hurt, but will promise to keep the fact that you spent time in the next town over without stopping by to say "hi" between us. If Calvin found out, he'd be crushed.