Monday, June 30, 2008

Starbucks and Street Musicians (P*S*C #3)

This was the first metal bass instrument I've ever seen.
No, unfortunately, Wes and I are NOT coffee drinkers! But, as we were exploring the Pike Place Market we had to go by the Original Starbucks location. Here, we heard our first street musicians giving a wonderful fiddle/folksy concert. We ARE music lovers, and we had so many entertaining (and pretty talented) performers giving mini concerts as we walked the Market. Later, when we were in Victoria, British Columbia CANADA, we also had a first: an accordion-playing mime. The downside of these concerts was to wonder where these folks would be sleeping at night. No doubt some were homeless, refugees or pretty poor. We donated coins or bills into their open instruments cases whenever we could. I wish them well, and thank them for their gift of music. In the area of the Space Needle, these were musicians from Peru.
I've heard plastic containers played as percussion before, but this guy had attached a long stick with a string and played it like a bass. The violinist in pink was my favorite. She played Irish tunes with so much passion...and used no sheet music. The note on her violin case said she was playing to get $$ for her education fund.
This duo was really good. The guy on the left had the raspiest voice ever...hard livin' man. The guy on the right made magic come out of his washboard with attachments. They drew quite a crowd with their cajun-style croonin'.

Oh, we also did make it to the Seattle Symphony one night. A talented young cello player, Joshua Roman, was the featured guest. Music certainly is a language we love - no matter who performs it or where it is performed, music is one of the delights in life!


The Lindahl News said...

Jeanne, have lots of fun in Seattle this coming weekend! I hope you can make it to Pike Place
Market and see/hear everything!

I look forward to hearing about your experiences and adventures there.

Jeanne said...


Thanks for the information. I will fill you in on all the details when I return from the "Green Card" affair

simplicity said...

I love all the interesting, different music performers! How neat. And I'm glad that you at least stopped at Starbucks.

Seattle is on my list of places to visit. Someday, someday!

Kristin Jag said...

Hey Deb! So glad that you got to experience so much in our special city! Too bad you were rushed, but we totally understand. We were in Seattle on Friday with my family on lake union and Sat. I hit Pike Place and the space needle when I went to Women of Faith.I went back over to Seattle on Sunday too!Anyway, it would have been crazy if we ran into you. The folksy band that you saw at the market is called Slim Pickins and they are my favorite one there! Now to catch up on your blog! I have been absent lately!