Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Unofficial Bring-Your-Mom-to-Work Day!

No, she didn't expect me to just show up, but that's just what I did this week. I found myself near the school where Anne has been teaching this past year, pulled my car into the parking lot, walked around the entire perimeter of the school trying to find an open door, asked for directions to find my daughter, signed myself in, placed a visitor badge on my shirt and voila! It was a surprise to the teacher in Room 211 to find her mother in the doorway.
Here's Anne's classroom, all readied for the final days of school.
As it was locker clean-out day, the hallways were maze-like with notebooks, papers and discarded school supplies. The excitement of a summer looming ahead was quite palpable! I especially loved this huge painting composed of kid-produced squares mounted together in a stairwell. There were three other masterpieces created in this fashion. I applaud the art teacher or artist-in-residence who inspired this project!
A view of the outdoor prarie garden seating area.
When I arrived in Anne's classsroom, the students were away in another class, so I got my very own personal tour of Anne's impressive school. Just 5th and 6th graders in this middle school of about 847 students. Three gyms! Colorful paintings on the walls throughout plus even a prairie garden outside for kids to use as an option for recess or special outdoor classes. I was pretty wowed!
The students came back to Room 211. Anne asked them who they thought this visitor might be, and they quickly guessed I was her mother. (They said it was in our eyes and hair color.) Just before it was time to go (the kids had a movie to watch, you know), I requested her class to gather for a group picture. How I wish I could post it for you here, but I can't. The kids were so full of youthful energy and peppy as all get out. But, certainly, they were not out of control under Mrs. B's care! Because I am still her Mother, I took the liberty to ask the class about their teacher...was she too tough? No. Was she a "marshmallow? Not really. I think they thought she was just right - just like I do. I'm so proud of you, Anne, for the dream you followed to become a teacher. All those backyard neighborhood "school" days with you in the role of teacher really paid off! You're a natural!


simplicity said...

I love it! And I am sure that Anne is a GREAT teacher. One any student would be lucky to have! How cool that you got to see her in action! :)

cellothug said...

How fun! Maybe I should bring my mom to work, next, though she'll have to wait awhile.

I, too, often want to post pictures of "my" kids...oh well. Sounds like a great time.

Jed and Anne said...

it was fun to have you there that day - what perfect timing it was in which you arrived!

Timi + Andrew said...

sounds like you had a very good time! it is a nice feeling how proud you can be of your own child! it makes me think of William and the fun times when I will say ` I am sooo proud of you, son` - I cannot wait. Timi