Saturday, June 28, 2008

Treetop Views of Seattle (P*S*C#3)

A confession: I have always dreamed of going on a sight-seeing double decker bus. Why? Who knows. But, this was on my LIFE LIST of things to do, so when the opportunity came, I persuaded Wes and we climbed aboard the Gray Line and headed out - though the day was cloudy, it was still wonderful.
Seeing the Space Needle from the bus was fun. I had been here in 1962 with my family.
(I remember thinking that the Monorail was the most exciting ride I had ever been on, but now it seems pretty ho-hum as far as how short of a ride it really is.)
We passed by the waterfront and saw many kinds of watercraft...sailboats, tug boats, small freighters, ferries. But this is the big one and she's bound for Alaska! (I do think it's pretty cool that watercraft are all referred to as feminine vessels.)
This is the Hammering Man sculpture right outside the Seattle Museum of Art made by Jonathan Borofsky. Our informative bus guide told us that he hammers away night and day. Due to Union workers, however, he is given a break on Labor Day when the hammer is stilled.
Above the crowds in our bus overlooking the Pike Place Market.
All over Seattle, beautiful hanging baskets of colorful flowers are to be found. This particular one was spotted in the Pioneer Square area. If you are ever in this area, you must take the underground tour! It is a hoot and a holler and extremely popular. (We did this on our previous trip.) Seriously, you learn all about the history of early in Seattle and how the inspiration of a certain Thomas Crapper changed the sewage course of this city! For real!

Taking the double-decker bus was truly one of the highlights of our trip - and now I can check that off my LIFE LIST of things to do in this lifetime. What's on your list?


simplicity said...

I think the double decker bus would be fun too! But if I were in Seattle, I would absolutely HAVE to visit the original starbucks...please please please tell me you did :)

The Lindahl News said...

I/we did! In fact, the next blog will have it featured! Have you been there yourself?

Melissa said...

I love Double-Deckers as a method of sightseeing! I took my first one in London and recommend them to people all the time. Glad you had fun in one of my absolute FAVORITE cities!