Friday, June 13, 2008

Where's Giselle When You Need Her??

One's home is supposed to be one's castle, but this castle we live in presently needs to have a singing, sweeping, discarding Giselle living in it to help us out! (For those of you who have never seen the recent Disney movie Enchanted, Giselle is a spunky princess looking for her prince and instead ends up in New York City, arriving via manhole cover near Central Park.) Giselle simply loves cleaning chores with her little vermin helpers. And she's clever with singing about those chores, too. Really...who else could come up with a rhyme for toilet?

We'll keep singing without fail,

Otherwise, we'd spoil it

Hosing down the garbage pail

And scrubbing up the toilet.

How we all enjoy letting loose

With a little "la da dum dum dum"

While we're emptying the vacuum

It's such fun to hum

A happy working song

Mmm, mmm, a happy working song!

What I am trying to tell y'all with this blog post is that we are getting ready for a big change after living here in our little castle for 24 years. We have been busy painting, donating "treasures" and decluttering to make way for a new Happily Ever After!


Melissa said...

Hmmmm - I'm curious! And love Enchanted. :)

cellothug said...

Good luck!

Jennifer said...

WOW!! How very exciting! And "treasures" indeed your housewares and decorations are. I love the home you have created on Austin Ave. I cannot wait to see the new one you will create!

ps- I love your prose!

Timi + Andrew said...

sooo.... Andrew told me the girl from Enchanted went to the same high school in Castle Rock but she was in a diff.class since she is a bit older. Isn`t it strange? She has made it as an actress :)

simplicity said...

I am SO excited for these changes that are headed your direction! Declutter away! Can't wait to see you SOON!

oatley said...

Does this mean what I think it does? "Holy housecleaning Batman!" Please keep me posted on your upcoming changes ....

The Lindahl News said...

Okay, everybody: just an update for those of you who post (and read) comments. Hard to believe, but our house goes on the market tomorrow. We'll keep you posted as to how it all goes!

Exciting, but scary, too!

Alli said...

Woah! How exciting! Anne had mentioned some plans, but I didn't know how soon they were coming to fruition!

Melissa said...

Ooh - good luck! :)

oatley said...

Sooooo many questions!!

Good luck - I know too well what it takes to clean 20+ years of collecting and living to make this kind of move. I'll be thinking of you! Love, Sandi

Cherith said...

Wow -- that was quick! Here's hoping that it sells just as quickly. (Though I'm sad to think of your amazing home in someone else's hands, I know that you'll take the magic with you.)