Monday, August 04, 2008

For Your Dining and Shopping Pleasure (P*S*C #5)

Consider this as your invitation to take a little trip to a very unique part of the Upper Midwest: here the prices are still very reasonable - and you know you don't really want a Staycation. You will feel like you have had a true getaway to another place and time. Here I offer you a guide to great values in the fair town/city of Iron River, Michigan. Near to our cabin, you might not realize there is much to do besides lake activities and hiking through forests. Hence, I present to you this retail guide. In alphabetical order for your quick perusal:
A. At the end of a long long day, who wouldn't want to drop by Alice's Restaurant on the main drag in the middle of town? As the song states, "You Can Get Anything You Want at Alice's Restaurant." Well...almost anything. Especially if you are fond of Italian Food. And Christmas decorations year 'round. And polyester.
This is one of the best grocery stores ever and it is called Anjeli's. I wish we had one in our hometown! One wouldn't expect the gourmet food selection, fine "spirits" and delectable bakery items, especially the Swedish rye breads and "Indian" bread. I always bring loaves home with me to put in the freezer for special occasions. Here is where I have purchased many, many birthday cakes for all those summer birthdays we celebrate in our Lindahl family.
Just saying the name makes one smile: presenting the Beef-a-Roo. Long before fast food came to this town, this was THE place to go for a quick meal! Lots of folks there, though, for the after-church eatin' gang, so patience is needed before the actual chowin' down!
No need to have a name like Loew's, Cineplex Odeon, Cinemark or Kerasotes. The one and only theater in town is simply called the Cinema. Feature (one only) changes weekly and is a popular blockbuster.
The Depot. Yes, it is located at the former train depot station. And, yes, the restaurant is in an actual train car. No picture available this time. Sorry! Bring the kids; they'll love it. Bagels are tasty or plain for even the pickiest of eaters.
Into the Woods has lovely gift and jewelry items. I know someone who does almost all of her Christmas shopping here. But I'm not sayin' who she is.
For all your motoring and boating needs, go to Lindwall Motors. Yes, they are our relatives.
And, in case you have no motoring or boating needs, they also sell the best maple syrup made by Wes' uncle Dave! Tell 'em I sent you!
Main Street Cafe is the place to go if you want typical diner-style food. In an authentic diner, no less! I recommend the #52 Blue Cheese Burger. No Bleu Cheese hoity-toity here. The perfect place to eat while you are waiting for your laundry to be finishing up.
The biggest challenge is how to pronounce this - is it Pam-ee-dah or Pam-eye-dah? Come here for anything you would hope to find at Target or WalMart. The key word is hope. We have had mixed success here, but have also come away as happy campers at other times. Great magazine selection!
Come to The Pasty Corner for this not-to-miss "national food of the U.P." influenced by Cornish and Finnish immigrants who brought these filling meat pies into the mines they were working in years ago.
Hands down, this is my favorite shopping destination in all of Iron River! St. Vincent de Paul is one fine thrift shop! Old books, old sewing notions, old fabrics, old clothes, old dishes, old books and magazines, old jewelry... but I prefer to call them vintage. There's even a punch card system in place here where you can get free merchandise after a certain amount of punches on the card. One's filled up now and I have $5.00 to burn!
Scotty's Subs is just the place to go for delicious sub sandwiches, pizza and refreshing ice cream. A real meeting and gathering place for Cov. Pt. staff and alumni, too!
Where in the world would we be without Wardo's? Here one can find those clever Yooper souveniers to bring to the folks back home. Like about how big the mosquitoes are and how the
fish "got away" know that kind of stuff. But, as for me, I like the quilting section in the back of the store.
So, there you have it, folks. Who needs the travel to/expenses spent at a place like Rodeo Drive in California? Everything you need is practically here in your own Midwest back yard!
Chances are good that you'll be able to return home with more "green" in your wallet than if you had gone elsewhere.
And to prove my point, check out yesterdays TRAVEL section in the Chicago Tribune, page 4 and read about their top reasons to visit the U.P.


Timi + Andrew said...

You make me want to go there after you have described this place`s charm in ABC order!
When I first came to the U.S., I went to Wisconsin to work at a golf resort, the town called Hayward. It is really similar to this town, your blog today really reminded me that summer of fun!

cellothug said...

I still have the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head salt and pepper shakers we got thrift shopping in Estes Park! Thanks for a fun dare the Chicago Tribune steal your idea!?

simplicity said...

I have a feeling a little one in our family would really enjoy The Depot! :)

The Witty Librarian said...

Now I have Alice's Resturant stuck in my head! Its one of my favorite songs! I guess I better visit the UP sometime soon- looks fun!

Kristin Jag said...

I love your new background! Any news on your house? (Hopefully it wasn't mentioned on the last post and I missed it somehow)