Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sisters Walk 'n Shop (P*S*C #6)

Day #3 Monday
Our guys had gone back to work, but not us! My pink suitcase was well packed to add on another overnight and day so sis and I could play, play play! With no distinct plans, we set out to take a walk on a gorgeous summer morning to a nearby park - Winnemac Park.
Take a look at these gardens and flowers, and you'd never guess you were in the midst of the busy, big city of Chicago.
There was still time and energy left after our walk, so we trekked to the nearby Sears on Lawrence Avenue. I confess to not being much of a Sears shopper myself, but hey! We are always up for adventures together so Diann and I gave it a visit. With no one knowing us to see how we were so casually dressed following our walk with no fixin' up beforehand, we went at it full throttle! Shoes, purses and clothes were tried on. Diann gasped as I tried on clothes right on the sales floor without going to a fitting room. (Of course, I was fully dressed underneath those clothes I tried on!) She encouraged me to try this and that on in the right sizes, and I encouraged her to go for some prints and fun stuff for her upcoming fancy-schmancy vacation. At the cash register we were asked if we were twins when I asked the salesgirl to take our picture...she could tell we were having such fun being together.

That's just it...Diann and I seem to have fun together no matter what we do or where we go. And, as a result of our shopping spree, you may now find us sporting the same shoes we found at Sears. Same size. But she'll be the one with the tanned feet slipped inside the shoes as opposed to my much paler gams. Alike but different. There's nothing like a sister!

And this wraps up the mini vacation #6 with my sweet little pink suitcase.


Timi + Andrew said...

What a beautiful park! It sure is hard to believe it is in the middle of the city! You and Diann look so cute holding your Sears bags, I love it ;)

The Lindahl News said...

Timi and Andrew...can't wait much longer for a 'Diaper Diaries' to appear. I miss you and your Little Man!!!

The Lindahl News said...

P.S. Timi: your Little Man and his Daddy were in this very same park just a few short weeks ago!

Will really seemed to like it, too.
Especially the time when his Georgia Deb was pushing his stroller!!!! Haha!

Spirit Bear said...

You two know how to have fun. Isn't it great to have time to look around and appreciate your surroundings? So where is Diann going? I can't believe you were reading my photos as I posted them! I can't keep up with you, Deb!

Jeanne said...

My sister and i do that kinda stuff all the time. Thanks for the tip. We will ask a clerk in a store to take out pic next time we go on our yearly "shop till we drop" day