Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pink Suitcase Chronicles #6

Day #1 of 3:
Just a hop, skip and jump away this time with suitcase in tow to the Windy City!
(Actually, it was was quite windy this time...this time was THE most danger my suitcase has been in teetering on the edge of a condo roof to capture the Chicago skyline in the distance - thanks to Diann and Wes for their safety concerns!)
Our first stop along the way was to help Anne and Jed with their new move to their first house!
We painted and constructed furniture. Conversed. Commiserated. Consumed. And saw our adorable Grandkitty, Oliver - definitely the clown in the family! Oliver was trouble when it came to being around painting...he needed to be shut in the guest room and found a cozy place to rest in the big sombrero. Here he is just waking up after being curled up in the hat brim.

We then met up with Diann and Larry and will spend the weekend at their lovely condo in the city. Together we board the 'el' and head to Millennium Park for a fabulous concert featuring concert pianist Valentina Lisitsa peforming Grieg's Piano Concerto. To witness perfect day turning into spectacular night under the stars hearing this music is awe-inspiring.
I could have gone home so happy after this point. It had been a great day being with Anne and Jed and Diann and Larry. Wes, too. But, no! There are more good times to follow with this latest installment of the Pink Suitcase Chronicles. Coming next: Rolling, Rolling, Rolling on the River...


Melissa said...

Hmmmm...can't wait to see where you go next! Congratulations to Anne and Jed; what an exciting time for them (and you). :)

Timi + Andrew said...

oh, how good that feels to own a house and you can call it `home` after you have made it by your taste. I remember painting and painting endlessly with my 8 month pregnant belly :) Congrats to Anne and Jed!

The Windy City at night is even more breath-taking than during the day, I love it! What a fun day you all had! Cannot wait to read about the next pink suitcase chronicle(s)!

simplicity said...

Love Anne and Jed's new place and can't wait to see it in person! Looks like you and that pink suitcase of yours had another fine adventure :)

Spirit Bear said...

the house is amazing! It looks like a Georgian estate from England.

Linnea said...

Great night-time photos!