Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Two Dresses Too Late

In many ways, this has been THE summer for Garden Parties! And, now after the biggest of the big ones, I just found two dresses to buy that shouted, "Take me home with you; I'm ready to wear to a lovely outdoor shindig!" I'll show you the dresses in a bit. Tags are still attached, so they may be returned to the store for someone else to wear to a Garden Party, but for now they are mine. #1 The first garden/barn party was held in July at a lovely Lake Forest mansion. A beautiful newly- refurbished vintage barn was toured and oohed and aahed over, but it was the garden area I liked best:

Best of all, this party celebrated the Crocodile Pie history with so many wonderful stories and memories of a very unique children's book store. Thanks for getting me hired, Anne!

#2 This lovely Garden Party was held at the mansion of a man whose name sounds a lot like Treehouse on the shores of Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. This place simply takes ones breath away with its lovliness! It was a gathering for those who love and support the Covenant Harbor camp nearby. Meaning Wes and I knew a lot of people there. Seeing my sister and her family was certainly Nora was there as well!

See, Jeff? I told you I'd put you on my blog and here you are with your lovely wife!

Now, back to those dresses. I think I would have worn this one to #1

And this one to #2. Oh, well I guess there's always next year!


Melissa said...

Such fun! We boated past that second manse when we were up at LG just a few weeks ago. :)

Cherith said...

both dresses are lovely, Deb, but so was the one that you wore on Sunday. BTW, thanks for the random shot of me, too. It's not ALL about baby Nora, I guess. ;)

The Lindahl News said...

Melissa, isn't that manse just gorgeous? It would have been fun to see you there and chat...we do need to do that sometime!

Cherith, you are nice to say that
about my dress. And I thought you and Nora looked lovely yourselves!

Spirit Bear said...

okay, this is way too much to take in: FACEBOOK? Heather is working with me and has confessed to her part in getting you hooked. I tried to ask to be your friend, but I must join, and, Deb, this is truly way beyond me, but I am impressed that you are so unbelievably cool. We've been looking people up. It's so sad, because Aimee's ex-boyfriend is IN A RELATIONSHIP:NO!!! she's cute too. grrrr

I LOVE the picture of you on the diving board - i'm saving it: it nearly rivals snorkel woman.

The Lindahl News said...

Patricia, you won't believe it...the gal on the diving board is NOT me, but there is a resemblence! It's from Google images, and I had to go through several pages to find just the right diving-in image.

C'mon CAN join Facebook!!! I'd LOVE to be your friend.