Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Wedding! (Pink Suitcase Chronicles #32)

Three weddings in three weeks! This one was Sarah and Craig's in Minnesota so Pink was needed and once again provided me with belongings carried in style.
Craig is the son of our friends Suzy and John. Our son, John, was a youth group buddy with Craig at LCC.
The newlyweds make a very handsome couple, don't you think? We wish them much happiness!
The flowers were exceptionally beautiful as Craig works for the company providing the foliage.
Once again, the Lindahls got their groove on and danced up a storm. John and Kari were our dancing partners here. What a special time of celebration - and renewal of some pretty significant friendships from our past - in this wedding occasion. This is the good "stuff" in life as in the midst of it some friends are experiencing their own not so good experiences with illnesses and challenges. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you now as well.


simplicity said...

Sorry I missed seeing you! Would have loved to say hello!! :) Hope the wedding was nice, it looks like it was! I don't know anyone who goes to more weddings these days! :)

The Lindahl News said...

I'm sorry, too, S! It was such a fast weekend - we arrived after midnight on Friday, wedding at 3:00Saturday afternoon with reception lasting late. We didn't go to church on Sunday morning as J and K had to be back for youth group. We stayed with E and M. Always good to see how they are doing, too. I think we should have "borrowed" Ellie as she is the main family attraction these days!

simplicity said...

No worries Deb! Next time! We actually were out of town as well, seems like it's worked out that way lately!