Friday, October 29, 2010

The "Sweet" Gene Has Surfaced!

Yay~she (Miss Ellie) has it! That sweet tooth that somehow missed Jed and John. (How, one might ask, could one not like chocolate and desserts??) Let me tell you this little story.
We had the family over to the City Nest for a pre-Halloween supper/carving pumpkins party. See Ellie getting her "treat" of a Cheerio Halloween book? But wait! Look closely! She is not looking at the book, is she? She actually had her eyes on the cookie platter behind filled with chocolate balls, cut-out cookies and Oreos!
Likkety split she yanked out a little frosted spider cookie and popped it in her mouth. Meaning a frosting ring around her mouth quickly gave her away! Gotta love it.
After dinner, Ellie sat on the table while the pumpkins were carved. She loved the scooping tool.
Here's Ellie in her Little Ladybug costume. I got inspired by these thrift store plus-sized pants (only 50 cents) and made her outfit from them, purchasing the wings, skirt and headband.
Goodness Gracious --- it's soooo much fun having this "Sweetie" around this Halloween!


Sarah said...

Love the bug costume! She's a bona fide girl, loving her sweets!

The Lindahl News said...

Sarah, has yor guy discovered sugar yet??

Anne said...

What a fun night - thanks for hosting this Halloween filled evening! :)