Thursday, October 07, 2010

Meet Bella Phant (Copycat Challenge #31-#35)

Ready? Set? BLITZ! A year ago today I embarked on the one-year-make-all-projects-in-a-book challenge in the blogging style of Julie Powell in Julie & Julia. Vicki Haninger wrote the book Blanket Statement and I set off to create all her projects. In one year. And I'm done! Of course the main reason I started this challenge was to provide a certain Miss Ellie with hand-stitched toys from her Gramma. One-of-a-kind toys, games and projects with lots of love stitched in as I thought of her magnificent presence in all of our lives - a true miracle and gift.
All of the remaining projects were "tweaked" to add my spin on Vicki's work. And all related to a certain green wool elephant I have named Bella Phant.
Vicki's elephant is named Ella Nora and can be found on pages 84-91 of the book. Patterns are included for an outfit with pants and top, a crown, and a shoe reference from another book. (More on shoes in a later post.) My Bella has many outfits; Vicki's comes with one. More is more in my book, so I took off with this wardrobe.
Outfit #1 is called (my terminology here) Dress Casual. Bella can wear it anywhere and be appropriately attired for wherever life (and Ellie) takes her!
Outfit #2 is called Basic Romper and is meant for the active times like tricycle riding down the street, going to the park, etc. When Bella and I had a photo "shoot" outside I mistakenly did it when son John was home. Unfortunately his, "Mom, what are you doing out here?" was making me feel a bit on the eccentric side. Oh well.
Outfit#3 is called Party Time and features leftover fabric from a Jasmine costume I made way back when for Anne as she was in a musical theatre production.
Note that Bella is posing with the candle cake as well as a torte which will be described later.
Outfit #4 is called Woodsy Miss. In a pinch it can also be used as pajamas because the top is actually flannel. Outfit #5 is called The Teacher as it is perfect for wearing it to the classroom at a blackboard. It was made from a recycled felted Old Navy sweater - label included. I downsized the Applique Bias Skirt found on pages 52 and 53 of the book for this one. Vest pattern was my own pattern.
Like I said, this is a blitz with more green wool "fireworks" to come as I wrap up this finale coming lickety split. Consider yourself officially introduced to Bella!


Melissa said...

Deb, you AMAZE me! Congratulations on meeting your goal and on another lovely project. I hope the new year sees us finally setting a craft date together. :)

simplicity said...

WOW! I am so very impressed. I love this elephant and all her outfits! So sweet!

The Lindahl News said...

You two are so sweet to comment! Thanks! More is coming...

Sonia said...

Deb, this it too cute! I have to meet Miss Bella!!Besides the adorable wardrobe with which you've fitted out your lovely little pachyderm, I'm amused by your humorous little bits in some of the pictures, like your green wool bunny in the Woodsy Miss outfit, and the elephants on the blackboard in Miss Bella's classroom. Little Ellie is one lucky girl to have such a huggable friend and a loving grandma to make it for her!