Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Little Town That (Almost) Could

Not too far from our hometown is this town. A town that is trying to break a Guinness World Record for having the most lit pumkins at one time --- my kind of town! (Seeing as I am a fan of the holiday.) Marti and I had to investigate it this week after the event itself. Read more about it to see if the record was made following these pictures.
The Great Highwood Pumpkin Festival October 20th - 23rd Highwood, IL: "CITY OF HIGHWOOD, IL CELEBRATES ATTEMPT AT BREAKING RECORD: 26,287 JACK-O-LANTERNS LIGHT THE NIGHT AT GREAT PUMPKIN FEST 2010 A Community Comes Together In Pursuit of World Record HIGHWOOD, IL (OCTOBER 2010) – Tens of thousands of people waited for the results on October 23rd as their jack-o-lanterns were counted at the Record Breaking Pumpkin Fest of 2010. The small city of Highwood, IL was host to the four-day festival that brought people together from all around the Midwest and the world, to break the Guinness World Records for most jack-o-lanterns lit in one town. Plans called for 32,000 jack-o-lanterns to break the current 2006 record of 30,128 held by Boston, MA. With the official count just shy of the record at 26,287, the city is still celebrating. 'We are so proud of coming so close at our first attempt. The outpouring of volunteering and support was just overwhelming as the event brought neighboring communities, organizations, military and businesses together to carve pumpkins and celebrate with their families and friends for four days,' says Highwood Mayor Charlie Pecaro. 'The fact that we didn't break the record is minor; we had so much fun in the process that it doesn’t even matter. And now everyone is looking forward to really breaking the record next year!' The Highwood Great Pumpkin Fest of 2011 is scheduled for October 19th-22nd."
Such a great idea, don't you think? I can't wait to see how they do next year!

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Anne said...

So fun to see those pictures - I especially liked the ones that spelled out a message when next to each other!