Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chocolate Power!

Chocolate, oh the power of chocolate. It makes one feel better when sad, when mad, when happy, when glad. I'm so thankful there is such a thing as chocolate in our world.
A poem by Duncan Wyllie sums it up pretty well:
Chocolate, the very word
Melts in the mind
Slips off the tongue, sweet
Chocolate, the very thought Brings a smile,
Delicate, dark, milk to light
Chocolate, the very notion
Heightens our devotion
Taste buds tingle for
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!
Is your mouth watering yet?
Working Tuesday nights at the library is made so delightful with the presence of my co-workers. We are a team, to be sure. (You might want to check out an archive blog about us on Halloween last year.) With school starting up soon, we know we are in for busy nights, so we decided to have a chocolate "bar" kick-off. Each of us brought in tasty treats with that in mind. No, we don't do this very often, so it was an especially fun break.
Here we are...the Tuesday Night Girls! And, yep, chocolate is just the way to kick off the new season of being a teacher, being a student, and being a "Story Lady." Bring it on - we are fortified with CHOCOLATE POWER!


simplicity said...

Too cute for words.

Love the picture of the three of you Tuesday night girls!

In regards to Forced Family Fun, I think my dad came up with that? I'm not sure, but I've heard him say it before a million times.

Happy Wednesday!

melissa said...

i LOVE the expression on your face in that picture! such fun. i never liked chocolate (sacre bleu!) until recently, when i realized that well-made dark chocolate is a thing of beauty. once i read "french women don't get fat", a little bit of dark chocolate each day became a daily staple for me. if i'm ever NOT in the mood, the movie "chocolat" certainly puts me over the edge! vive la chocolate! :)

Kerry said...

YUMMMMMMM!!!!! Chocalate!!!!

The Lindahl News said...

Kerry! So nice you could join us in our chocolate bash! Please know I will look forward to hearing from you on your NEW blog...and bon voyage to Costa Rica!

Spirit Bear said...

Whenever I crave chocolate I will visit this post for a feast. Thank you Deb and Stephanie for making Tuesday nights the best! Kerry, you must tell us about the amazing food in Costa Rica. I just bought a bag of Starbucks Costa Rica TarrazĂș in your honor. ¡Buen viaje!

andie said...

All of your oh-so-serious chocolate faces cracked me up but good! Nate wanted to know what the hilarity was all about. Chocolate is serious business!