Friday, August 03, 2007

"The Red Quilt"

Wes and I have just returned from a mini family reunion in the UP with two of Wes' siblings and their children. How I cherish these times seeing how much the kids have grown since our last meetings! Each of these kids has received, at birth, a quilt that I have made. This year one of the owners truly touched my heart - reminding me of the story The Velveteen Rabbit. Here is the tale of a much-loved quilt dubbed "The Red Quilt" by its owner, Laena. (Here are our young nieces and nephews...aren't they beautiful?) When we arrived at our cabin in the UP, three year old Laena greeted us with a hug...and a very ripped-up, tattered quilt; the backing hanging off in pieces! Her parents were in a quandry as to what to do with the thing...should Lora repair it? Her Dad suggested letting it go and "retiring" it. But, as it's maker AND the aunt of the owner, I HAD to fix it! This girl needs her quilt!!! Laena really loves this little red and yellow quilt and takes it with her everywhere she goes. When she hurts herself, she clutches the quilt for comfort. When she's tired, she cradles it in her arms while she sucks her thumb. When she eats, the quilt is nearby, and when she comes out of the lake after a swim, the quilt is what she wraps herself into to dry off. This is what Laena's quilt looked like on the dock as she took a little dip in the water. Really and truly, she and the quilt were rarely separated as she went here and there! Laena sat while I repaired her little quilt. The quilt is finished..roughly sewn but together as a whole once more. This little girl is a wonder to me and I am so happy to have her - and her cousins - in my life!


Jed and Anne said...

I got to see firsthand the attachment of Laena and the quilt. You did a fantastic job repairing it- I could barely tell where it had been fixed. Good going Aunt Deb!

melissa said...

what a beautiful gift to give, as an extension of your creativity as well as your love. oh, how i wish i could quilt!

Spirit Bear said...

This is my favorite post of all, because it made me think of my chldren when they were young and their "favorites" - Emma still sleeps with her pillow, and Maggie's tattered quilt is on her bed at my house.