Saturday, August 18, 2007

On Grandmothers and Licking the Spoon

Anne and John are blessed to still have their Grandmothers in their lives.They have so many fond memories of each one of them. These are but a few of the things they have learned from their Grandmas:
1. Grandmas let you do stuff that Moms won't let you using no silverware.
2. Grandmas buy you candy in the store and let you eat it right then and there.
3. Grandmas let you stay up late when you have a sleepover at their house.
4. Grandmas never seem to be in a hurry.
5. Grandmas don't seem to care much when you wear mismatched fact, they find it rather amusing!
6. Grandmas love you more with each passing year.
7. Grandmas light up when you come into a room.
8. Grandmas, though facing ordeals of aging, will try show a brave face in your presence.
9. Grandmas will think of you as young no matter how old you get.
10. Grandmas could still care less about whether or not you'll get salmonella from eating cookie dough batter - they say, "Lick that spoon if you want to!"
My sister is a Grandmother, too. To Cal and Ava. One calls her "Gammy" and the other calls her "Mammy." Recently, Gammy had Ava over and suggested they make cookies together - something Ava had never done before. Diann shared the adorable pictures with me, and I, in turn, share them with you:
Finally, out of the oven and into her mouth. Yummy! Then it was time to deliver some of the cookies back to Ava's home. When her Mommy opened the door, Ava handed over the goodies saying, "Mommy happy!" How smart this little one is to know that cookies and CHOCOLATE can make a person feel oh-so-good.
This little girl sure loves her Grammy, and her Grammy sure loves her! Delicious, huh?
(Maybe one day, it'll be my turn and that would delight me to no end.
No pressure, Anne and Jed or John...I'm willing to wait until you are good and ready.)


Jed and Anne said...

Soooo cute! What an adorable posting you made...of course, Ava is adorable too. I bet those cookies tasted so good.
I especially like the one of Ava waiting by the oven for the cookies to be done. She is such a sweet little girl (who has a great Grammy!)

melissa said...

grandmas are the best! when your turn comes i'm sure you'll do a fantastic job. :)

simplicity said...

I love this post. It made me smile so much. Grandmas are VERY special and they certainly do let you get away with all the things moms won't!