Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Lovely, Happy Wedding

A wedding is special because of a lot of things: the radiant bride in her beautiful gown, the look on the face of the groom as he sees his bride walking down the aisle, the colorful flowers, the lovely bridesmaids and the dashing groomsmen, the adorable flower girls, the delicious wedding cake... Yes, we saw all of these at a recent wedding we attended. But, more importantly, we saw two people obviously in love with each other making a lifetime commitment before God and others. We saw their devotion to each other. We saw them serious. We saw them dancing and light-hearted. And, you know that feeling you get at a wedding when it is going to be a lasting, happy marriage? We saw that, too...
The wedding guests and participants certainly felt surrounded by the love of these two as they listened to the eloquent reading of scripture by Cassius' Aunt Augusta of the 1 Corintians 13 passage and had the service performed by Pastor Pete. Six family members sang together "Set Me as a Seal." Cousin Kristina sang a beautiful rendition of "Make Me Whole."
The wedding was held at Winnetka Covenant Church. Here are the altar flowers and one of the pair of matching candleabras.
Jon and Krissy, Julie's parents and our longtime friends.
Adriana, the junior bridesmaid and Britta, the bride's sister, such beautiful girls!
Here are the newlyweds!
The reception was held nearby, and the appetizers and drinks were served in a lovely walled garden. Thank goodness, the rain stayed away just long enough before we went inside to enjoy our dinner.
Each of the tables were numbered and displayed a different symbol from the Asante culture of Ghana. Julie and Cassius wrote a little explanation about these symbols on a tag attached to the fabulous favor chocolates: "The Adinka symbols found on the tables play a major role in the Asante culture of Ghana. The symbols are primarily used to non-verbally communicate proverbs and values. We have tried to incorporate the symbols into our wedding day..."
Following the consumption of the delicious cake (can I mention here that the layers of cake were light and fluffy and the marzipan frosting was "to die for"), we danced the night away!
Much love to you, Julie and Cassius, as you begin your married life together! And, enjoy your well-deserved honeymoon!


melissa said...

how special, that you have had the chance to witness so many loving unions. this one sounds particularly meaningful. and i know exactly where that reception was held, as i checked it out when planning my own wedding! glad you had fun.

The Lindahl News said...

Melissa, you are so kind to reply to my entries, and I really appreciate you! Happy Friday!

(Yes, it was a lovely reception venue as I'm sure yours was, too.)