Sunday, August 26, 2007

Recycled + Reclaimed = Independence Grove

In 1978, a 1,110 acre plot of land was purchased by the Lake County Forest Preserves. This property was a former gravel quarry and it was, most likely, quite an eyesore. The thought was that this property could be recycled and reclaimed - two of my favorite words and actions! In the early 1990's a master plan was created for the land, and finally in 2001 the park opened and it was called Independence Grove.
Whenever we can, and especially in the late afternoon as the blazing sun diminishes, Wes and I head north on Milwaukee Avenue about 8 minutes from our home to this lovely place. The water (remember I am a "water" girl!), the native grasses, flowers and critters plus the serenity of this park beckons us. Each time we leave, we are renewed and refreshed. Tonight was just such an experience.
Here's your namesake flower, Anne!
(The striped image in the middle is a dragonfly!)
Perhaps you have heard the little commercial ditty about visiting Weil Olds in Libertyville..."It's a beautiful place in the country." We think that Independence Grove is just that beautiful place being sung about! Drive on out, over or whatever. Just get here somehow.


melissa said...

i like the dragonfly picture - they are special to my family as my grandma loved them. at her funeral we passed out copies of the grasshopper story - have you ever read it? ( no worries linking my blog on yours - i so appreciate your visits and comments, as well! :)

Jed and Anne said...

Looks gorgeous! I, too, have enjoyed our walks out at Independence Grove with you and sometime the family...remember the ducks that John ran through crazily?

cellothug said...

How pretty! How lucky to have it so close to your house, too!

I have added the pics you requested to my blog. :)

Spirit Bear said...

I walked the long path on Saturday; you inspired me. And I have never been disappointed by a trip to IG.