Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Biking Suggestions?

How exciting it was to "get" two discarded bicycles as a part of our condo deal! They had been abandoned in the basement storage area and the rest of the condo owners were going to get rid of we took the two bikes as our own. They needed some minor repairs, new seats and we were good to go! (With helmets, of course.) Though we pedal much more slowly than we used to, and are often sore at the end of an outing (thank you, age and bodies), we are loving having bikes in the city! We bike to the lakefront when we can, and have discovered some great paths along Lake Michigan. We have biked to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We have biked to outdoor cafes and restaurants. (Seeing Ellen B. and her sisters there after a Cub's game was a thrill!) One thing we love about city of Chicago biking: NO HILLS!!! One thing that's a bit challenging: traffic. At least some streets have biking lanes. Now, we are to the point of wanting to discover areas we may not know. Please consider filling us in with a place YOU like to bike. Within city limits, of course!


The Lindahl News said...

Thanks for the ideas on FB, Alli!

Spirit Bear said...

Cool! What streets do you ride on? Aimee has a new bike in Seattle. She rides it to work and loves the feeling of freedom as she pedals through the streets. On weekends she leaves the house at 5:30.

Danz Data said...

We have been biking alot these days, too! We just got new ones pretty cheap through Chris. And the best part was that he put them together for us (since he was up to buy one of our cars from us). We love biking. Our favorite trip is riding 6 flat miles to an Irish pub, having a pint, and then riding the 6 miles back.