Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Second Tradition (P*S*C* #22)

Poor Wes! He gets dragged into this tradition whether he likes it or not! It's the visit on the way home to the PUMPKIN PATCH. You might say he is not quite as enthusiastic with stopping by the pumpkin farm(s) in Wisconsin as I pick and choose squash as hurriedly as I can because he's anxious to get home - but he's mostly a good sport about it.
Especially when a pumpkin family portrait can be made...
This is one of the farms we visit with huge fields and dairy barns (and the strong "scent" of cow.)
What is really nice about being in rural Wisconsin is that you can pretty much pick your pumpkins any time you are driving through as they practice an honor system for paying.
The farm shown below is back in the pupmkin business this year...good news! Last year they had a miserable crop with only about 15 (or 50 - the farmer we talked to was on the quiet side and a bit mumblish) pumpkins surviving to harvest time. This year is a h-u-g-e crop. With no beans and bad corn this year for harvest...the tough life of a farmer has its trials.
Now we're all set for the month of October with our fall pumpkins. And, yippee - no trip to Jewel or Walmart needed! SUPPORT THE LOCAL FARMERS!!


Timi + Andrew said...

Lovely pictures! Lovely family!

Timi + Andrew said...

I just saw your caramel sauce recipe... yum! I might have to make it this weekend!

The Lindahl News said...


And, let me know if you try the caramel sauce.

Got your recent email, and will get you the address when reunited with the address book!

How was your trip?

Linnea said...

Love the new look! Wonderful pictures from all your fall adventures...