Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pink Suitcase Chronicles #22: Fall Into Fall

While there's a lot to love about fall, I don't glide right into it...summer is my preferred season. However, Pink was taken out this past weekend and away we went to our cabin up north.
It's so quiet this time of year - we have the whole lake nearly to ourselves.
A lovely change this year, however, was the company of Anne and Jed for the weekend. Our schedules finally meshed so that we could go together (missed you, John and Kari!)
The fall colors were lovely, though not quite "peaked" as yet - probably in about a week or so.
We are thoroughly enjoying watching the growth from Concord Grape (see earlier blog) to Small Pumpkin with these two. Fall is taking on a whole new dimension when we think of what will be possible as these leaves change hue and drop to the ground and snow falls...
I am thankful for the seasons - yearly and lifely. (Is that a word?)


simplicity said...

Look at the colors changing already!
My favorite picture: Anne. Just nice to get a glimpse of her 'glowing'.

The Lindahl News said...

S - you might want to check out FB for an even better "pumpkin" shot!

Sarah said...