Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Absent Chihuly Slide Show (P*S*C* #27)

Right now, you should be able to see 15 slides of our recent visit with Marny and Tracy to the fabulous Chihuly show at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan. However, this slideshow is simply not working here on my blog --- drat and double drat!
In case you haven't heard of Dale Chihuly, he is an amazing artist who works with glass. We have seen his work at Garfield Conservatory in Chicago, in the Seattle vicinity, and at the Botanic Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. When we heard that Grand Rapids was going to exhibit more of his pieces, we knew we had to go there as well! A HUGE bonus of ours was going to the show with Marny and Tracy!!
Please, if you are a Facebook friend of mine, go to my home page and see the slide show as it somehow made it there.


The Lindahl News said...
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The Lindahl News said...

Hey Facebook friends - thanks for commenting there! At least the slideshow made it there.

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