Sunday, July 25, 2010

Grand Time in Grand Rapids (Pink Suitcase Chronicles #27)

First let me introduce you to one very fine dog---meet Anakin. He's an 11 year old English Springer Spaniel. His owners are our wonderful friends, Marny and Tracy. See how obedient Anakin is that he would pose with Pink so patiently? (It did help that he loves doggie treats...) Our time in/near Grand Rapids, Michigan was filled with vibrant colors of fresh produce and flowers - and glass. More on that later. Saturday morning we visited the Fulton Street Market which was probably the best farmer's market I've ever seen! Marny had her list of produce items to buy for our dinner later that night. Oh me, oh my for all the beautiful fruits and veggies there as well as all the flowers, meat and cheese products offered.
Though rainy (check out Wes in the background with the blue and yellow umbrella) the people were out with their baskets and bags.
Beans, blueberries (more on them later), peaches.
But the true treat of the market visit was seeing the Danz team at work once they got into their very own kitchen later that night!
Wes and I sat and watched as they sliced, diced, minced, baked, seasoned and cut their way to fact, we felt like we were an audience of two on a TV cooking show --- they're that good!
On the menu: chopped salad with at least 10 different items, pork tenderloin medallions with homemade guacamole as a base and salsa as a sauce, green beans with scallions and,
for dessert, the most heavenly tart with freshly made lemon curd topped with fresh blueberries.
Is your mouth watering yet? It sure as heck should be!
Coming soon: what we did in between the Fulton Market morning and the dinner later that's pretty incredible.


Sonia said...

It was a major mistake to read this right before lunch. Now I am REALLY hungry!

The Lindahl News said...

Sonia. I apologize.

(BTW you still reign supreme as Cake Queen in my book!)

Jed and Anne said...

I want some of that blueberry pie - I am drooling!

Danz Data said...

Deb- You should give yourself some credit since you were the one to artfully arrange the blueberries on the lemon curd.
Such a fun weekend with you guys. Need to do it more often.

Katherine Nicole Therese said...

mmm that blueberry pie looks amazing!!