Thursday, July 08, 2010

Color Mindful-ness (P*S*C* #26)

The colors, ah the colors, at and around the cabin can be so breath-taking. One expects beauty in the blues of the water and the greens of the foliage, but the colors of the charred black remnants in the fire pit are beautiful as well. And a sunset? Oh my. A sight for the eyes and soul!
What color does a sparkler it white, gold or silver?
I think Oliver's copper color matches the cabin interior paneling.
Is the sundial teal? The brass underneath the paint coat seems to want to make it less so.
The old steel row boat is aged, worn silver with exclamation points made by the rusting of the bolts holding it all together.
Ellie's pink hat rests in the shade of the stroller while she rests inside the cabin at naptime.
The cobalt blue trailer, also in the pause mode, awaits the day when the speed boat is out of the water and cradled once more within its framework. Thanks to the purple noodle, I reign supreme on the raft after the two sons tussle and fall into the lake. Sweet victory!
BoldThe beige of the Grandfather's toolbox competes for tabletop space with the splashing baby in her blue bathtub...does it seem possible that before we know it she will beg to go out fishing with her Grandpa as her Mom did many years ago?
Paddling the red canoe is a relaxing way to get out on the lake with a companion. Or alone.
Right in our front yard we have the cheerful white and yellow daisies saying, "Hello! Welcome back!" No grumpiness is allowed in their presence.
Last, but certainly not least, we enjoyed this orange treat while playing a fierce game of Rook! Colors at the cabin are certainly varied and appreciated. Stay tuned for the upcoming colorful cabin finale soon to be posted. Talk about colorful!!!!


The Lindahl News said...

Carol and Mark - we loved playing Rook with you...not enough rounds this time!

Spirit Bear said...

Here's a book for you to find: Three Days on the River in a Red Canoe. The author I believe is Williams. A must! (it's a picture book)