Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recipe for Saturday Night Fun

Because our friends, the Rholls, are "foodies" I thought I would turn this post into a recipe on how to make a hot, sultry Saturday night into one cool summer evening adventure. Ingredients: 1. 4 good friends 2. 2 conductors (1 for train and 1 for orchestra) 3. 1 Brown Line train 4. 1 (Jay Pritzker) pavilion 5. 1 large bunch of musicians 6. 2 squirting faces 7. 4 or 5 huge mechanical bugs from Spain Directions: 1. Board 4 friends on Brown Line train. Converse and observe fellow passengers. 2. Get off of train and walk to Millennium Park. Find seats. Sweat while conversing and watching fellow concert attendees. 3. Listen to great concert. Watch the lights on surrounding buildings come on. Applaud loudly when appropriate. 4. Leave concert and cool off in the splashing area by the two tall spewing fountains. 5. Join the hordes of people watching the debut performance of the bugs from Spain. 6. Reboard the Brown Line train and head back to go to bed, exhausted and hot from a fun evening. 7. Repeat next year as needed.
What an adventure - thank you, Carol and Mark! We cooked up quite a night, didn't we?


Timi + Andrew said...

You are having a busy summer! Lots of fun and adventure..

oatley said...

Although Carol apparently did not get the memo for the color her attire should have been ... it looked like a fun evening!

The Lindahl News said...

Timi, it IS busy...and quite fun. We're off again soon!

Sandi, you are funny! I never noticed the coordinating outfits. I must remind Carol to conform next time. And any news????

Sonia said...

What in the world is going on with those spiders???? They look like something out of Harry Potter!!

You're living the good life, Deb.