Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dandelion (Copycat Challenge#23)

What comes to mind when you hear the word Dandelion? Is it those pesky weeds growing in your back lot? Salad with greens? Wine? That lion storybook character? For me, it was what I just had to name the little green wooly lamb recently stitched for the ongoing Blanket Statement project (in which I make every project in the said book by Vicki Hanginer in the blogging style inspired in the book/movie about Julie/Julia). The Little Lambkin project was found on pages 66 and 67 . My "tweak" was adding about 100 textured scrap wool swirls to create a truly wooly coat for the little lamb. What a way to use up those little pieces I'd been saving since the onset of the project - and also what a way to eat up time stitching each wool coil to the body of the lamb! Surely Jake and Vienna would be married by the time I finished this stitching...but nope, they had broken up instead with nasty details in the media reports. C'mon, did you really think they had a chance??? While Dandelion appears to relish in the weedage, we did not. They are gone now. Making the dandelion chain to wear around Dandelion's little green neck was actually quite fun. It brought me back to the times on Grandma R.'s front yard patch at Senior Homes making clover chains* to wear as bracelets and crowns. Good times!! *Note to self: do this with Ellie some day!


Melissa said...

This is the cutest stinkin' thing I have EVER SEEN! I would totally buy it if it was on Etsy! :)

The Lindahl News said...

I tell ya, Melissa, you have got to start sewing! Then you, too, can make fun stuff like this.

Have you started using your new machine yet?

Timi + Andrew said...

Very cute, Deb! Your granddaughter is a very lucky girl to have a grandmother like you who is so gifted to make adorable things like this one!

The Lindahl News said...

Timi! You could comment --- yeah!

Thanks for being so nice.