Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Pink Suitcase Chronicles #26 - The Cabin & Celebrating

I hope you and yours had a very special Fourth of July weekend! We certainly did - it was a family time for the Lindahls as we gathered in the North Woods at our family cabin. Especially delightful was having a certain young baby Ellie with us this year as she experienced the cabin and surroundings for her first time ever. She seemed to adjust well to the UP lifestyle and she also participated in THE annual event of the season - the BIRTHDAY BASH!
This is the time of summer when we have five - count 'em - five birthdays within a three week time span. John 6/19, Jed 6/26, Kari 7/3, Anne, 7/7 and Wes 7/12 are the honored guests at a yearly "bash" thrown at the White Stag restaurant near Eagle River, Wisconsin. Ellie and her Great Grandparents readily donned the colorful, tacky flamingo glasses. Yes, the theme is flamingos. Kind of tacky, don't you think? (My idea. And, as host I get to pick.)
The cake didn't have the right amount of candles. Adding up the ages of the birthday honorees would take a whopping 163 candles! Whoa.
Sipping beverages through twisted, curling flamingo candles was an activity as well.
Tissue paper flamingos danced their way down the center of our table. Party! Party! Party!
A quickly deflating blow-up flamingo was a guest at the party also. Ellie was intrigued. John perhaps was not as he had to keep blowing up the thing.
Note the honorees by the White Stag himself! If you look closely, he has the blow-up on his antlers. No respect, I'm afraid.
Aren't we lucky that the generations can celebrate together? Answer: most assuredly, yes!


Timi + Andrew said...

Happy Birthday to all 5 of them! Love the pictures, we wish you many more get-togethers like this!

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks, Timi! can you believe their combined ages? Yipes -- we are getting old, or should I say THEY are getting old?

simplicity said...

What a celebration! That Ellie is absolutely adorable. Love that top pic of her in the suitcase and also with the glasses on! So sweet!

The Lindahl News said...

Thank you, Samara! She is simply wonderful - I must agree.

Every time we see her she gets more engaging.

What a dearie, too, to let me put her in my suitcase for the photo shoot. She was good-natured even when she toppled into the interior of the suitcase!

Anne said...

Thanks for such a fun time up in the UP celebrating all of our birthdays. Wow, we are getting up there with all of the years of all of our ages. Crazy! Anywho, thanks for throwing our birthday bash for us AND for helping to watch our dearie for my actual day! :)

The Lindahl News said...

A - you are MOST certainly welcome!

We love to be Ellie's care-givers!!

Alli said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I love those pics of Ellie. So cute. I second Anne's thanks for watching Ellie on her birthday-it was fun to be out on the town with the parents! :)

Spirit Bear said...

The Ellie photo with sunglasses and wide open mouth is a classic. I think it should be a poster!