Friday, July 23, 2010

Goodbye, Almond!

It was finally time to replace the almond appliances we have been using for the past 26 years in our Nest. They were showing much wear and tear after all these years, though still working.
Think of how many times the doors had been opened and shut by our kids, how many pots of Kraft Mac 'n Cheese had been boiled on stove and how many holiday turkeys and hams have been cooked in the oven. Whew!
First, Wes laid new floor tiles to replace the white linoleum "squares" and he sure found his knees were sore after this experience. (About five years ago, we redid the cabinets and counters --- I gotta say that I love granite--- and Wes did all the work then, too).
We decided to go with a black refrigerator to match the black dishwasher. It was a discussion we rehashed again and again.
The stove and microwave are done in stainless steel with black accents. They pretty much are the same as what we have in our City Nest and I really like them there.
This project was squeezed in between all of our comings and goings thus far this summer. Wes took about a week off of work. Poor guy --- he would much rather have been almost anywhere else relaxing in the hot summer sun! Thanks, honey!


Kate said...

it looks awesome! Good job Wes!

Timi + Andrew said...

I did not know Wes was so handy... Looks great!

Anne said...

Looks great - the new updates are fantastic!