Monday, August 30, 2010

Almost Like Being "Live" on the Set of *DWTS!!!

(* For the non-enlightened this stands for DANCING WITH THE STARS - one of the best shows on TV ever!) Just last night three of my co-workers and I attended a Vegas Headliners show put on by the Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Why? One of our staff, Sue, had decided she wanted to learn ballroom dancing and this was her glitzy recital of sorts. The theme for the show? Dancing to big show numbers by Barry Manilow, Nancy Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Ray Charles, Tom Jones, Bette Midler, Celine Dion, and many more.
The "pros" danced with the students. All ages, all sizes: there was a woman who was 72, a man who was 60. There were dancing mothers and grandmothers. Elvis wanna-be's. Men dressed in black. Women sparkling with diamonds and crystals. Big hair and (almost) no hair.
Our co-worker danced so smoothly and beautifully to Whitney Huston's "I Have Nothing" and told us afterwards that she could hear us cheering her on. Way to dance, Sue!
One of my personal favorite numbers was "Roxie" from the Chicago play/movie.
The woman who was aged 72? This is her performance above.
This man so reminded me of what Wes would dance like shouldst he decide to take up ballroom dancing.
Here we see the 60 year old man dancing to "Copa Cabana" and "American Bandstand" and he was a lot better than the DWTS men Jerry Springer, Buzz Aldrin, and that politician!!
After the show, we got to see our CMPL dancer --- yeah Sue!
Then she cuddled up to the owner/manager of the Fred Astaire studio! Do you recognize Jesse DeSoto from DWTS Season Three? I admit unabashedly that I was swooning on the inside and maybe just a little on the outside! Hmmm...should I consider taking up ballroom dancing, too?

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She was really something, wasn't she?