Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dog Days (Copycat Challenge #25)

I know, I know. Two Copycat Challenges back to back on this blog --- please indulge me! It's just that, well, time's a ticking and there are only a few more months to complete all the projects in the Blanket Statement book by Vicki Haninger! This time, the author sent me her very own PDF attachment as the book did not include the actual pattern for the dog on page 99 - she's that nice! She even wrote that I could be her official pattern tester for this project, and I happily report that the pattern sent was flawless and easily assembled. Thank you, Vicki!
Again, a children's picture book was my inspiration for the tweaking part of this challenge. I love
the work of Emma Dodd and this particular story of Dog's Colorful Day was just right
for me. The basic plot is that an out-and-about dog gets messy with mud, food and other spilling/dropping/splashing messes.
I made colorful felt spots with velcro attached on the back side so that the green woolly dog can get messy, too. His ending can also match the ending in the picture book, but I am not going to tell you what it is because I don't believe in being a story spoiler!
And now I wish you well as we enter the dog days of August. Here in these parts we have been having some roasty, toasty and humid days - all the better to be inside stitching up a storm of colorful dog spots!

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Thanks, Vicki, for your nice comment via email! I love that you write notes of encouragement.