Thursday, August 12, 2010

Making the Cut (Copycat Challenge #26)

I got me some Gingher love going on here. If you sew, you know what I am talking about...these are the best scissors ever made (in my opinion). Sure, I've tried Fiskars and they are awfully good cutters, but Gingher rules! For garment sewing I use the full size, but for my small craft projects I use the 5 inch embroidery scissors.
Way in the back of the Blanket Statement book by Vicki Haninger - on page 98 to be precise - is an acknowledgements and inspirations page. No actual patterns are given, but I knew I could figure out how to adapt the Scissors Keeper by Charlotte Lyons to create a custom carrier for my own scissors. Snip, stitch, done.
And now I have a safe way to keep track of my little scissors. I chose to applique a tiny acorn on the flap (pattern provided on pg. 97) because, like the mighty oak tree from which it comes, it represents these mighty fine cutters! Please accept my apologies for photographing the project with a maple leaf background instead of oak leaves...I'm too lazy to go out searching on this beastly hot day and the mosquitoes appear to be on a rampage in these here parts!

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Wes' comment on FB was classically funny from his point of view...thanks, honey!