Friday, August 27, 2010

Stockings. One Christmas-y. One Not. (Copycat Challenges #27 and #28)

Time for yet another blog on the ongoing projects using the book Blanket Statement by Vicki Haninger inspired by the book/movie Julie and Julia. I am making the projects and blogging about the entire contents of the book with my own little renditions or tweaks. Of course, my inspiration is our Grand-daughter Ellie! This Christmas stocking will be for her. The book had no actual pattern for the stocking (pages 46- 47) , but called for a sweater cuff around the top. I've got lots of those around here - I have been thrifting sweaters and felting them for the past few years. In fact, Betz White wrote a wonderful book called Warm Fuzzies that provided the pattern for stockings I made for our grown kids a couple of years ago. Now Ellie's will match those.
Vicki's pattern really added shi shi fru fru to the stocking ornamentation. I copied it shamelessly.
I photographed the stockings as they sat on top of our shrubbery. Festive touch, eh? The second stocking was inspired by a nursery rhyme about the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. The original words have always disturbed me with the cruel twist of beating those poor kids and sending them to bed hungry!! I searched around and found a much nicer verse:
This stocking is meant for holding a bunch of kids. Alphabet kids. I found the needle pointed alphabet kids at St. Vinny's thrift store in Iron River and they looked so forlorn in the Ziploc bag that I had to take them home!! (Think about all the hours the stitcher took to make these babies and they ended up in a plastic bag? Yipes!)
Vicki included the stocking pattern on pages 36 and 37 in her book. The rest of the design is mine for the window boxes, door, cuff and heel.
Now all those alphabet babies have their own special, happy home! Ellie and I will have games with spelling and putting together simple words with the letters on the baby bellies. That is, when she is ready for them. Now, she will probably just like chewing on them.
With Christmas only 121 days away now, we're getting ready! How F - U - N is it going to be to have our first Christmas with our Grand-daughter?


Kate said...

i L O V E your latest project! So cute!!!

The Lindahl News said...

Oh,'re so kind!

Bettsi said...

So darling! The little babies look so happy with their new home!