Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding Weekend in MN (Pink Suitcase Chronicles #29)

Pink made it with us to the site of the wedding reception for Tim and Ali in Minnesota this past weekend! After the church ceremony, we drove to a lovely home for the party. Here, friends and family mingled, sipped and nibbled before heading out to the tent.
One might like to note that the tent was surrounded by fields of green and gold. A dramatic sky above cooperated by opening up with raindrops only during the time of eating and then presented the newlyweds with a lovely rainbow and sunset afterwards.
Here we see the sweet newlyweds cutting the cake that only ended up where it ought to be inside the mouths and not smeared on faces or outfits.
And, here, finally we see my own sweet husband holding my purse while I took tons of pictures that can be found on my Facebook page.
He's a keeper, isn't he?
Congratulations to Tim and Ali...may you have a very long and very happy marriage!


Anne said...

The wedding looked like a blast! I saw the pictures on facebook, too, thanks for sharing those!

The Lindahl News said...

Thanks for commenting and looking, Anne! It WAS a blast!